You must protect your employees' data and personal information according to the new POPI Act.

Here's how...

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The Protection of Personal Information Act, POPI Act, forces employers to be responsible and accountable for their employee’s personal information and data.

This legal obligation requires you to make sure your employees’ personal information and data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

A simple thing like a third party getting hold of your employee’s marital status, physical health or even home address, can land you with a R10 million fine or jail time.

Here’s an example:

James, one of your employees, really likes Sammy, your other employee. While you’re out on lunch, James sneaks into your office to get Sammy’s home address. He starts harassing and stalking Sammy at her home. Sammy can lay a charge against you for this.

To avoid this, you must follow the legal requirements of the POPI Act. And I’ll show you how…

What is the purpose of POPI Act?

The Protection of Personal Information Act, commonly referred to as POPI, is a South African Act that regulates processing of personal information. This is to protect people’s information from being used for abuse, harassment and even illegal purposes.

It was signed into law in November 2013, and is rumoured to be coming into effect before the end of this year!

This means you don’t have much time left, you MUST start implementing the changes now! If you wait for the effective date, it will be too late because there’s so much that needs to be done. Such as:

Changing your filing system;
Adding security to your HR personnel documents;
Review employees’ information to determine which is personal;
Look at your policies and procedures such as:
       - Internet and computer policies; and
       - Employment contracts.
And implement an information security policy.

How does this affect you?

As the employer and HR manager, you need to make sure you process your employees’ personal information in a way that restricts access to it. Only you and/or senior managers can have access to personal information.

If by any chance the employee’s personal data is leaked and it lands in the wrong hands, you could face a fine of up to R10 million or a prison sentence.

But our team of experts have created the perfect tool to help you comply with the requirements of the POPI Act…

  Yes, I want to comply with POPI Act now!

The Labour Law for Managers: Simple steps to comply with the POPI Act

The POPI Act is a nightmare to read! It’s 75 pages long with lots of legal terms and information to decipher.

But we've simplified it for you by selecting especially what is relevant to you as the HR manager or small business owner.

This tool outlines:
What the POPI Act is all about;
How it affects you as the HR manager;
The impact it has on your business;
What you need to do to start complying NOW; and
Much more!

Who will benefit from this update?

This latest update for the Labour Law for Managers isn't just for HR managers. It’s also for anyone who deals with employee’s data and information. Including, but not limited to:
  • Information Officers;
  • Procurement officers and managers;
  • Managers of staff;
  • Business executives; and
  • Business owners.

  Yes, I want to comply with POPI Act now!

Sleep better knowing you’re on top of the POPI Act requirements!

The Labour Law for Managers will ensure you:
Easily understand the complex POPI Act;
Know what the Act requires from you as the HR manager or small business owner;
Understand your employees’ rights so you can avoid legal comebacks;
Align your internal processes with the Act;
Meet the compliance deadline as soon as it’s announced;

Train your managers and staff on the new changes;

Avoid steep penalties for non-compliance;
And much more!


Don't face R10 million fines or jail time!

Non-compliance fines in South African laws are quite steep. And the POPI Act isn’t an exception.

So why pay up to R10 million in fines when you can avoid it? Imagine what that could do to your company’s finances!

Get your copy of the Labour Law for Managers starting at only R999 excl. VAT and discover the simple steps to help you comply with the POPI Act!

  Yes, I want to comply with POPI Act now!
And that’s just the start!

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To welcome you as the newest subscriber, you’ll get instant access to help solve all your labour and HR problems, with these five FREE gifts and services:

  1. You’ll find out how you can show an employee the door without landing up at the CCMA.
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  3. Little-known ways to reduce absenteeism, so you can put a stop to employees abusing time off.
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  5. Policy Toolkit: Policies to hire, fire and manage your employees.
  Yes, I want to comply with POPI Act now!

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The Labour Law for Managers Practical Handbook is developed by labour and HR experts, who individually charge their clients over R1 000 an hour, but here you pay just R999 for their 24/7 advice.

The full subscription is valued at only R2 999…. which is a pittance, if you think what paying an employee 24 months' salary if you lose at the CCMA will cost you!

All tips, recommendations and information in the Labour Law for Managers Practical Handbook are 100% legal, and checked, and double-checked, by two independent consultants from our panel of experts.

Your entire package includes:

The 558 page Labour Law for Managers Handbook Valued at R1 799
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Taryn Strugnell
Managing Editor: Labour Law for Managers Practical Handbook


Here are just SOME of the other topics and issues covered in the Handbook!
  • 10 Clauses you must include in your employment contracts;
  • How to reduce absenteeism and deal with deserters;
  • All your questions answered about leave;
  • How to deal with probation effectively and legally;
  • The A-Z of disciplinary hearings: Investigation, notification, preparation, suspension, evidence, legal representation and more;
  • How to implement a disciplinary process that increases performance and not litigation: Sample warnings, codes of conduct, levels of offence, types of discipline, sample policy and more;
  • What you can and can’t ask in an interview;
  • The legal dos and don’ts when advertising for a position;
  • Your six-step employment equity plan;
  • What to do when a grievance is reported;
  • How to deal with trade unions;
  • How to prevent and prepare for strikes, and deal with a strike misconduct; and
  • Bargaining council, CCMA, SETA and Department of Labour contact details.

P.P.S. Here's my personal guarantee to you

EVERYTHING is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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30 day money back guarantee
You will be refunded every cent of the subscription price.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

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